Semi-punctated Belid
Sutural Belid
Brown Belid
Red Weevil
Brown Leaf-rolling Weevil
Tiny Black Weevil
Straight-snouted Weevil 
Adelognatha/ Entiminae
Wattle Pig
Fruit-tree Root Weevil
Grey Root Weevil
Peanut Weevil
Black Short Rostrum Weevil
Swamp Banksia Weevil
White Short Rostrum Weevil
Black Short-nosed Weevil 
Diamond Weevil
Black Detritus Weevil
White-headed Weevil I
White-headed Weevil II 
Black Gum Tree Weevil
Grey Gum Tree Weevil
White Gum Tree Weevil 
Tin Strawberry Weevil 
Eucalyptus Weevil I
Eucalyptus Weevil II
Eucalyptus Weevil III
Eucalyptus Weevil I V
Eucalyptus Weevil V
Eucalyptus Weevil VI
Eucalyptus Weevil VII  
Elephant weevil
Backward-nosed Weevil 1
Backward-nosed Weevil 2
Backward-nosed Weevil 3 
Long-nosed Weevil
Black Round-eyed Weevil
Citrus Leafeating Weevil 
Unknown Weevils 


Belid Beetles, Belid Weevils - Family BELIDAE

This page contains information and pictures about Belid Beetles in family BELIDAE that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
This is a small family very close related with the true weevil CURCULIONIDAE. Their 10-seggmented antenna is straight, not elbowed and not clubbed. Their body is elongated and in cylindrical form, more or less parallel-sided. Likes the true weevils, their rostrum is usually very long. Adults fly actively during the day. 
Adults and larvae are feed on plants. Their larvae are known to bore into stems and branches.
This group of beetles is almost exclusively found in Australia. They also known as the primitive weevils, as to distinguish them from the true weevils.

Semi-punctated Belid Weevil
wpe2A.jpg (18969 bytes)  wpe6.jpg (34214 bytes)
Rhinotia semipunctata (Belus semipunctata), body length 15mm
This beetle was found in a front yard in Yeerongpilly in summer. It look like a true weevil family member but its antenna is straight and not clubbed. We also found it in Karawatha Forest on Acacia during early summer. More information and pictures can be found in this page.
Sutural Belid Weevil
wpe1.jpg (27199 bytes)  wpe5.jpg (20314 bytes)  
Rhinotia suturalis (Belus suturalis), body length 20mm
This weevil is reddish brown in colour with a white strip along the top of the body. It drop onto the ground when disturbed. More pictures can be found in this page.
Brown Belid Weevil
wpe13.jpg (23480 bytes)  wpe15.jpg (29474 bytes)  
Rhinotia brunnea, body length 20mm
We found this Belid Beetle early summer on Acacia leaf in Karawatha Forest. This beetle is a very good flier. It filed high and disappeared after we took the above photos. In mid summer we found the weevil again in rainforest near Mt Nebo. More information please click on here.
Redbacked Weevil, Red Weevil, Slender Red Weevil
wpe21.jpg (19974 bytes)  wpe1E.jpg (35558 bytes)
Rhinotia haemoptera, body length 20mm 
This is the Belid Beetle that mimics Lycid Beetle. The brick-red and black colours of of Lycid Beetle are a warning to predators that the beetle is highly toxic and distasteful. Many other insects includes this weevil, mimic its colours. This beetle can be found on different species of Acacia trees. They are quite common in Brisbane Eucalypt forest. Please check this page for more information.
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