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Jewel Beetles - Subfamily Agrilinae

Family Buprestidae

This page contains information and pictures about Jewel Beetles in Subfamily Agrilinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Jewel Beetles can normally be seen feeding nectar on flowers in bush during a sunny day. Some Jewel Beetles are leaves feeder. They ranged from very small to very large size. Their body is elongated and flattened. They are brightly coloured and often have a metallic sheen which make their common name Jewel Beetles. They are active and ready to fly during daytime.
Most species of Jewel Beetle larvae live in wood, although some of them live in root and a few are leave miner. Most of them have very long life cycle.

Acacia Jewel Beetle I
wpe12.jpg (21978 bytes)  wpe2A.jpg (31240 bytes)
Diphucrania albosparsa (Cisseis albosparsa), Coraebini, Cisseina, body length 12mm
This small Jewel Beetle can easily be found on young Acacia trees in Alexandra Hill during mid summer. When disturbed, they dropped and flied away. The beetle was metallic dark brown to dark green in colour with eight white dots forming a circle on its back. Please check this page for more information.
Acacia Jewel Beetle II
DSC_3861.jpg (119365 bytes)  DSC_3862.jpg (140606 bytes)
Hypocisseis latipennis (Cisseis latipennis), Coraebini, Cisseina, body length 12mm
We found this jewel beetle once on a large Acacia tree trunk near Bulimba Creek on Mar 2008. The beetle was slowly climbing up the tree. More information and photos can be found in this page.
Pinto Jewel Beetle
PC9_0708.jpg (209191 bytes)  DSC_3676.jpg (181207 bytes)
Cisseis or Diphucrania sp., Coraebini, Cisseina, body length 12mm
Photos were taken on Mar 2009 and Feb 2010. Both were in Brisbane Botanic Garden. Please check this page for more infromation.
Pea Flower Jewel Beetle
PWC_6467.jpg (100965 bytes)  DSC_0659.jpg (303224 bytes)
Ethonion reichei, Coraebini, Ethoniina, body length 12mm
Found it jewel beetle in Daisy Hill on early summer Sep 2008. It was resting on yellow flowers of Wallum Wedge Pea (Gompholobium virgatum). Please check this page for more information.
Acacia Flat-headed Jewel Beetle
DSC_3837.jpg (277246 bytes)  DSC_3834.jpg (247978 bytes)
Agrilus australasiae, Agrilini, Agrilina body length 12mm
This beetle was found on Feb 2010 in Karawatha Forest on Echidna Trail. It was resting on Acacia leaf. From the reference infromation, the larvae are borer of Acacia stem. Please check this page for more infromation.

? Small Black Jewel Beetle
? sp. body length 10mm
This beetle has the elongated body and metallic colour body. However it may not be a Jewel Beetle. Please email us if you know the ID of this beetle.

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