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Jewel Beetles - Subfamily Buprestinae

Family Buprestidae

This page contains information and pictures about Jewel Beetles in Subfamily Buprestinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Jewel Beetles can normally be seen feeding nectar on flowers in bush during a sunny day. Some Jewel Beetles are leaves feeder. They ranged from very small to very large size. Their body is elongated and flattened. They are brightly coloured and often have a metallic sheen which make their common name Jewel Beetles. They are active and ready to fly during daytime.
Most species of Jewel Beetle larvae live in wood, although some of them live in root and a few are leave miner. Most of them have very long life cycle.

Variable Jewel Beetle
DSC_0844.jpg (112974 bytes)  DSC_0866.jpg (101648 bytes) 
Temognatha variabilis (Themognatha variabilis ), Stigmoderini, Stigmoderina, body length 35mm
We found this beetle in Karawatha Forest on She-oak trees. This is the largest beetle we ever saw. This Jewel Beetle is very colourful and the colours are highly variable. They can be yellow to dark red. Some individuals may have red/yellow/green patterns on wing-covers. We have detail information and many pictures in this page.
Castiarina Jewel Beetle I
wpe19.jpg (37935 bytes) 
Castiarina sexplagiata, Stigmoderini, Stigmoderina, body length 12mm
In Alexandra Hill during early summer, we found a lot of those orange-black Jewel Beetle feeding on white flowers of tea tree Leptospermum. The patterns on each beetle are slightly different. Their colours also vary from yellow to orange. Please check this page for more information.
Castiarina Jewel Beetle II
DSCN4466.jpg (294382 bytes)  wpe3.jpg (31892 bytes)
Castiarina decemmaculata, Stigmoderini, Stigmoderina, body length 12mm
Castiarina sexplagiata and Castiarina decemmaculata feeding on Tea-tree flowers, Leptospermum sp., Family Myrtaceae. Please check this page for more infromation.
Variegate Jewel Beetle
wpe17.jpg (28624 bytes)  wpe1A.jpg (29258 bytes)
Castiarina variegata, subfamily Buprestinae, Stigmoderini, Stigmoderina, body length 12mm 
On Oct 2004 in White Hill, we found this Jewel Beetle alone on a young gum tree. Check this page for more information.
Dysentery Plant Jewel Beetle
PWC_8050.jpg (137627 bytes)  PWC_8055.jpg (156991 bytes)
Melobasis azureipennis (Melobasis (Melobasis) cyaneipennis), Melobasini, Melobasina, body length 10mm
This small Jewel Beetle has the metallic blue wing-covers, golden green thorax and metallic black head. Its wing-covers have the saw-toothed edge, which is a unique feature among jewel beetles. We found this beetle once in Daisy Hill near Buhot Creek on mid summer Dec 2008. It was resting on leaves on the top of a short weed plant (correction: this plant is not a weed). More information and pictures please click on here
Blue Banksia Jewel Beetle
PWC_9413.jpg (139785 bytes)  PWC_9420.jpg (133090 bytes)
Cyrioides australis (Cyria australis), Epistomentini, Epistomentina, body length 30mm
The jewel beetle is dark blue in colour. Its thorax and wing-covers is smooth and shiny. It has a pair of large eyes. Its head, abdomen and legs are the same dark blue colours but covered with short white hairs. Please check this page for more information.

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