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Banded Concealer Moth III - Eulechria platyrrhabda

Family Oecophoridae

This page contains information and pictures about Banded Concealer Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 15mm
Eulechria is one of the largest genus in the Concealer Moths family. Most of them are black and white banded. There are a lot of black and white banded moths in the family OECOPHORIDAE as well as the other moth families. They may be looked very similar. 
DSC_8360.jpg (70617 bytes) DSC_8357.jpg (77045 bytes)
Pictures taken in Bulimba Creek near Yimbun Park on Oct 2007. From reference information the larvae feed on Eucalyptus leaves. 
DSC_4719.jpg (332229 bytes) DSC_4716.jpg (350625 bytes) 
Mar 2010, Daisy Hills

Caterpillar in Snail-shaped case made of dry leaves

DSC_6505.jpg (55511 bytes)
Aristeis sp. or Eulechria sp., case dia 10-15mm
Caterpillars in this two genus feed on green gum leaves. They construct a helical case with dry leaves, which resembles snail shell and live inside as protection. From reference information the larvae feed on green leaves of Eucalyptus

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