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Spider Wallpaper

The followings spiders photos are taken in the Brisbane area, in Queensland, Australia. Most of those pictures are 1200x860 pixels, file size 200K-300K, perfect for monitor Wallpaper. Please have a look at these pictures and I hope you can find some that you like. Please also check Other Insects and Spiders Wallpaper.

Please feel free to use them as your monitor Wallpaper. To make a picture as Wallpaper is simple. Download the picture you like, with the mouse cursor on the picture, click the right mouse button,  select 'Set as Wallpaper' and done.

If you have chosen one as your Wallpaper, please let us know in our Guest Book and we will be very happy. If you would like to use those pictures for other purpose, please email me.

If you want to know more about those Insects and Spiders, please visit our Insects and Spiders in Brisbane web site. 

wpe6.jpg (114058 bytes)  Net-casting Spider watching.

wpe15.jpg (105496 bytes) Net-casting Spider male.

wpe6.jpg (89372 bytes)  Big Brother is Watching You.

wpe6.jpg (92333 bytes)  Yes, you are watched.

wpe6.jpg (108467 bytes)  Net-casting Spider with Net.

wpe9.jpg (176690 bytes)  Russian Tent Spider.

wpe6.jpg (101868 bytes)  Tent Spider and Prey.

wpe6.jpg (121884 bytes)  Tent Spider Abdomen Patterns.

wpeA.jpg (121127 bytes)  Tent Spider and Grasshopper.

wpeB.jpg (87685 bytes)  Spider capturing dragonfly.

wpeE.jpg (165669 bytes)  Camouflaged Huntsmen Spider.

wpe6.jpg (139091 bytes)  Bush Huntsman Spider.

wpeB.jpg (268891 bytes)  Wolf Spider.

wpe11.jpg (127111 bytes)  Jumping Spider with cat face.

wpe6.jpg (140389 bytes)  Large Jumping Spider.

wpe6.jpg (83601 bytes)  Jumping Spider about to jump.

wpe6.jpg (84827 bytes)  Ant Mimic Jumping Spider.

wpe13.jpg (117103 bytes)  Leaf Curling Spider.

wpeA.jpg (76954 bytes) Silver Orb Web Spider Hiding.

wpeC.jpg (82234 bytes)  Silver Orb Web Spider on Web.

wpe17.jpg (104667 bytes)  Silver Orb Web in colour.

wpe6.jpg (153566 bytes)  Silver Orb Web.

wpe17.jpg (128732 bytes)  The Spider is coming.

wpe6.jpg (175889 bytes)  Spider Web.

wpe17.jpg (100997 bytes)  Orb Web

wpeE.jpg (105319 bytes)  Jewel Spider and Web.

wpe1.jpg (91788 bytes)  Jewel Spider

wpe6.jpg (121883 bytes)  Flower Spider on Leaf.

wpe6.jpg (105469 bytes)  Flower Spiders On Pink Flower.

wpe17.jpg (85931 bytes)  St Andrew's Cross.

wpe19.jpg (123865 bytes)  St Andrew's Cross Spiders bottom.

wpe1B.jpg (81662 bytes)  St Andrew's Cross Spiders front.

wpeE.jpg (128728 bytes)  Lynx Spider female.

wpe8.jpg (67368 bytes)  Lynx Spider male.

wpe6.jpg (123421 bytes)  Lynx Spider on Red Flower.

wpe6.jpg (132857 bytes)  Bird Dropping Spider Building Egg sac.

wpe6.jpg (104309 bytes)  Bird Dropping Spider Waiting Prey.

wpe6.jpg (99251 bytes)  Daddy Long Legs

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