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Praying Mantid Wallpaper

The followings Praying Mantids photos are taken in the Brisbane area, in Queensland, Australia. Most of those pictures are 1200x860 pixels, file size 200K-300K, perfect for monitor Wallpaper. Please have a look at these pictures and I hope you can find some that you like. Please also check Other Insects and Spiders Wallpaper.

Please feel free to use them as your monitor Wallpaper. To make a picture as Wallpaper is simple. Download the picture you like, with the mouse cursor on the picture, click the right mouse button,  select 'Set as Wallpaper' and done.

If you have chosen one as your Wallpaper, please let us know in our Guest Book and we will be very happy. If you would like to use those pictures for other purpose, please email me.

If you want to know more about those Insects and Spiders, please visit our Insects and Spiders in Brisbane web site. 

wpe6.jpg (102652 bytes)  Green Praying Mantid On Leaf.

wpeB.jpg (62992 bytes)  Green Praying Mantid is watching.

wpe9.jpg (113475 bytes)  Garden Praying Mantid.

wpe6.jpg (150925 bytes)  Young Brown Praying Mantid.

DSCN0133Copy.JPG (321235 bytes)  Young Predator: "Yes, under the sun, I looked tall and strong."


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Last updated: March 22, 2007.