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Butterfly Wallpaper

The followings Butterflies photos are taken in the Brisbane area, in Queensland, Australia. Most of those pictures are 1200x860 pixels, file size 200K-300K, perfect for monitor Wallpaper. Please have a look at these pictures and I hope you can find some that you like. Please also check Other Insects and Spiders Wallpaper.

Please feel free to use them as your monitor Wallpaper. To make a picture as Wallpaper is simple. Download the picture you like, with the mouse cursor on the picture, click the right mouse button,  select 'Set as Wallpaper' and done.

If you have chosen one as your Wallpaper, please let us know in our Guest Book and we will be very happy. If you would like to use those pictures for other purpose, please email me.

If you want to know more about those Insects and Spiders, please visit our Insects and Spiders in Brisbane web site. 

wpeB.jpg (119166 bytes)  Wanderer Butterfly 

wpeE.jpg (76621 bytes)  Wanderer Butterfly on wall.

wpe6.jpg (114878 bytes)  Wanderer Butterfly feeding.

wpe6.jpg (127736 bytes)  Life is not always perfect.

wpe6.jpg (108274 bytes)  Wanderer Butterfly on Milkweed Flowers.

wpeE.jpg (112604 bytes)  Lesser Wanderer Butterfly on Milkweed Flowers.

wpe9.jpg (177997 bytes)  Evening Brown Butterfly Hiding.

wpe6.jpg (129420 bytes)  Evening Brown Butterfly on Leaf.

wpeB.jpg (115858 bytes)  Glasswing Butterfly on grass.

wpe11.jpg (138025 bytes)  Blue Tiger Butterfly 

wpe6.jpg (70319 bytes)  Australian Crow Butterfly male.

wpe9.jpg (56453 bytes)  Three Australian Crow Butterflies.

wpeB.jpg (97262 bytes)  Australian Painted Lady

wpe17.jpg (138384 bytes)  Orange Ringlet

wpe6.jpg (160700 bytes)  Two Blue Triangle Butterflies.

wpe9.jpg (207070 bytes)  "Will You Marry Me?"

DSC_0544.jpg (278439 bytes)  "Will You Marry Me?"

wpe6.jpg (104833 bytes)  Skipper Butterfly on Pink Flower.

wpe6.jpg (110887 bytes)  Skipper Butterfly on Leaf.

wpe7.jpg (100139 bytes)  Lemon Migrant

wpeF.jpg (108693 bytes)  Caper White

wpe8.jpg (95538 bytes)  Common Grass Blue Butterflies

wpe17.jpg (93026 bytes)  Small Dusky Blue Butterfly sun-bathing

wpe1.jpg (72269 bytes)  Small Dusky Blue Butterfly feeding on wild flower

Blue.jpg (224598 bytes)  Blue

wpe17.jpg (80836 bytes)  Common Grass Yellow

wpe1C.jpg (120417 bytes)  Dingy Swallowtail

wpe17.jpg (123110 bytes) Orchard Swallowtail female

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Last updated: November 26, 2007.