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Bug Wallpaper

The followings Bugs photos are taken in the Brisbane area, in Queensland, Australia. Most of those pictures are 1200x860 pixels, file size 200K-300K, perfect for monitor Wallpaper. Please have a look at these pictures and I hope you can find some that you like. Please also check Other Insects and Spiders Wallpaper.

Please feel free to use them as your monitor Wallpaper. To make a picture as Wallpaper is simple. Download the picture you like, with the mouse cursor on the picture, click the right mouse button,  select 'Set as Wallpaper' and done.

If you have chosen one as your Wallpaper, please let us know in our Guest Book and we will be very happy. If you would like to use those pictures for other purpose, please email me.

If you want to know more about those Insects and Spiders, please visit our Insects and Spiders in Brisbane web site. 

DSC_1091.jpg (521916 bytes)  Ten 

wpe6.jpg (118042 bytes)  Two Horehound Bugs.

wpe6.jpg (100635 bytes)  Common Assassin Bug.

wpe9.jpg (80332 bytes)  Common Assassin Bug with piercing-sucking mouthparts.

wpe6.jpg (137600 bytes)  Red Assassin Bug Feeding on Ladybird Larvae.

wpeB.jpg (83637 bytes)  Cotton Harlequin Bug on Hibiscus.

wpe6.jpg (98832 bytes)  Cotton Harlequin Bug on Hibiscus again.

wpeE.jpg (153049 bytes)  Gum Tree Shield Bug Nymph on tree trunk..

wpe6.jpg (135350 bytes)  Gum Tree Shield Bug Nymph on leaf.

wpe6.jpg (107823 bytes)  Gum Tree Shield Bug on grass.

wpe6.jpg (107439 bytes)  Stink Bug Love Stink Bug.

wpe6.jpg (89089 bytes)  Stink Bug on Pink Flowers.

wpeC.jpg (151566 bytes)  This is a Stink Bug.

wpe6.jpg (166908 bytes)  Seed Bugs family dinner.

wpe13.jpg (91083 bytes)  Seed Bug feeding.

wpeB.jpg (125358 bytes)  Seed Bugs mating.

wpe9.jpg (107032 bytes)  Winged Yellow Milkweed Aphids.

wpe6.jpg (113334 bytes)  Red Bug about to Fly Away.

wpe9.jpg (87172 bytes)  Two Cotton Plant Bug Nymphs.

wpe11.jpg (94832 bytes)  Seven Little Bugs.

wpeE.jpg (140572 bytes)  Six Little Bugs.

wpeB.jpg (85870 bytes)  "I am a Stink Bug I can fly."

wpe6.jpg (118870 bytes)  Bronze Orange Bug adult.

wpeC.jpg (108092 bytes)  Bronze Orange Bug and its spiracles.

wpe6.jpg (129682 bytes)  Three Young Bronze Orange Bugs.

wpe9.jpg (114905 bytes)  Bronze Orange Bug Brothers.

wpe9.jpg (90296 bytes)  Bronze Orange Bug eggs.

wpe11.jpg (112668 bytes)  Clown Bug Adult.

wpe13.jpg (86025 bytes)  Clown Bug Nymph.

wpeA.jpg (114689 bytes)  Spined Citrus Bug.

wpeF.jpg (83410 bytes)  "Yes, They are my Children !!"

wpe17.jpg (215025 bytes)  "Can you see me?"

wpe17.jpg (141536 bytes)  Green Bug

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